(sidetracked): Scenes from the neighborhood

No final destination for you today. Just thought you might like to see a few pictures of what’s around when I step outside.

Morty’s apartment is on the grounds of a plant center. I love walking by this old car that now serves as a planter.

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SEE: Oslo Botanical Garden (Botanisk Hage)

Yesterday’s weather was about as perfect as it comes (crystal clear skies, slight breeze, 60 degrees), so I decided to spend the afternoon at the Botanical Garden. I packed my camera, some almonds and a book and headed off on the subway. … Continue reading “SEE: Oslo Botanical Garden (Botanisk Hage)”

SAY: “Ikke prøv å ro deg unna”

This is the idiomatic equivalent of “digging a hole.” It sounds like: “eeka pruv aw ro die oona.” It literally means “Don’t try to row yourself out of it.” Many idiomatic expressions in Norwegian revolve around water words… which gives you a bit of an insight into their culture and mindset.  Now say it 5 times fast!

SEE: Museet for Samtidskunst (Museum for Contemporary Art)

Oslo has a nice little selection of free museums, so I decided to go to the Museum for Contemporary Art to see a film and photography exhibit that I had read about. This is the photograph that beckoned me to come visit it:

Crop Circles #1 by Marte Aas

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HEAR: Susanne Sundfør at the Norwegian Opera House

Sunday night found Morty and I going to the Opera House to hear Susanne Sundfør. It would be too easy to classify her as pop/rock. Her sound is all over the map (in a good way) – gentle Carole King-esque ballads one minute, aggressive beat-driven electronica the next. I have a feeling the walls in the Opera House got all warm and fuzzy when they heard her voice. She easily moves from mid-range loveliness to highs that shouldn’t be legal.

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SAY: “Dagligdags”

Many Norwegian words are fun to say. They cause a native English-speaking mouth to do things it never intended to do. “Dagligdags” means “everyday” and it sounds like “Doglydogs.” See? Isn’t if fun? All together now!