HEAR: Susanne Sundfør at the Norwegian Opera House

Sunday night found Morty and I going to the Opera House to hear Susanne Sundfør. It would be too easy to classify her as pop/rock. Her sound is all over the map (in a good way) – gentle Carole King-esque ballads one minute, aggressive beat-driven electronica the next. I have a feeling the walls in the Opera House got all warm and fuzzy when they heard her voice. She easily moves from mid-range loveliness to highs that shouldn’t be legal.

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I could ramble on, but if you’re interested in hearing her, you can check out a few songs here. (And something a little bit more upbeat here.) A musician from The Faroe Islands named Teitur opened the show. He had a nice singer-songwriter thing happening. You can hear him here.

Outside of seeing a concert or an opera, the Opera House is a beautiful place to just visit. I’ll have more about that in an upcoming post!


5 thoughts on “HEAR: Susanne Sundfør at the Norwegian Opera House

  1. Wow Donnell, I don’t know that I would have ever gotten to that conclusion. But it made me laugh and now I really want to see an episode of “Perfect Strangers.”

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