SEE: Museet for Samtidskunst (Museum for Contemporary Art)

Oslo has a nice little selection of free museums, so I decided to go to the Museum for Contemporary Art to see a film and photography exhibit that I had read about. This is the photograph that beckoned me to come visit it:

Crop Circles #1 by Marte Aas

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Marte Aas is a Norwegian artist.  Her exhibit featured photography and two short films. One of the films was called Crop Circles where the above photo was taken (the photo itself wasn’t actually on display…it was just a shot from the film).  The brochure accompanying the exhibit says that Aas’s “works consistently display the qualities of tranquility, intimacy and sobriety.” It is clear that she has a fascination with landscapes…I really enjoyed the exhibit. There were only a few other people in the museum, so the tranquility aspect of her work was especially prevalent.

I hesitantly wandered upstairs where there was a Women’s Art exhibit called “Goddesses.”  I don’t have the education to intelligently comment on feminist art, but in unintelligent terms, it mostly annoys me. That’s not to say that there weren’t some interesting works. I especially liked a photograph and story by French artist Sophie Calle called “L’Hotel.” You can read about it here. And while I would never want to be in attendance at one of Marina Abramovic’s performances, I found the description of what she did (just scroll down to “Selected Early Works”) for her art fascinating. This woman means business.

So, that was day one of museum exploring…more to come!


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