EAT & DRINK: Café Laundromat

I wandered up on Café Laundromat during a long and random walk last Friday. I was taken with the windows full of books and the mod interior (that I could make out from my walk-by), so I decided to come back today.

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This place is amazing! The concept of the café is to do one’s laundry while having coffee and a meal. While I won’t be doing any laundry, I can already see myself spending hours here… sipping on my coffee until it gets cold (don’t ask, I just really like to do that), zoning out to the mellow music playing overhead and daydreaming about making a home in the little cubby holes of seating areas. They have a library of 4000 books that anyone has access to and a portion of the café’s profits is donated to two charities. When I find places like this, it makes me want to run and tell the world and hope more of them pop up. Until that happens, if you find yourself in Oslo (or Copenhagen), high-tail it to Café Laundromat (just tell them the girl who sits there until here coffee gets cold sent you).

Café Laundromat is located in the Bislett area of Oslo at Underhaugsveien 2


3 thoughts on “EAT & DRINK: Café Laundromat

  1. don’t worry, you are not alone. i am fond of drinking my tea in the same fashion. this café sounds like a lovely place. would that i could hop on the next jet to oslo or copenhagen (retracing the steps of the characters in italian for beginners!) for the next long while, i am trapped in new york, and there are certainly worse places to be stuck… now, back to taking care of some dirty laundry, literally!

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