SEE: Oslo Botanical Garden (Botanisk Hage)

Yesterday’s weather was about as perfect as it comes (crystal clear skies, slight breeze, 60 degrees), so I decided to spend the afternoon at the Botanical Garden. I packed my camera, some almonds and a book and headed off on the subway. …I read that the garden is in its prime from April-June, but the plants and trees were still showing off for September. (Maybe they’re trying to ward off the looming winter.) There is an abundance of walking paths and places to sit and all of the plants and trees are labeled, so it makes for an interesting walk if you’re in to that sort of thing (that’s you, Mom). Besides seeing all that flora, I also spotted a film or tv-show being shot, a French bulldog who was curious about what I was photographing (not him sadly), and a woman sketching a blooming tree. I didn’t open my book once and stayed until the lure of a nearby café became too much.


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