(sidetracked): Scenes from the neighborhood

No final destination for you today. Just thought you might like to see a few pictures of what’s around when I step outside.

Morty’s apartment is on the grounds of a plant center. I love walking by this old car that now serves as a planter.

A church just a few steps from the apartment. You can hear the bells on Sunday mornings. A cemetery surrounds the churchyard. It is one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever been, so I often come here to sit and read (or embroider).
In the churchyard, a picnic was had.
In the churchyard, a statue was seen.
Grådig the cat. His name means “greedy.” He loves to sit in a sunny spot on the drive-way on cold mornings and beg for a petting.
Looking out from the apartment Sunday evening. (And yes, that is a trampoline down there that I don’t have access to. It pains me.)

2 thoughts on “(sidetracked): Scenes from the neighborhood

  1. i agree with your mom. that’s where i learnt the compass directions: north, south, east, west!

    i also love the car planter but lament that americans don’t still drive cars like these.

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