DRINK: Kaffeglasset (UPDATE: Now closed as of Spring 2014)

For a “small” capital city, Oslo has an impressive number of cafés. One that I keep finding my way back to is Kaffeglasset*… a cozy little spot with lots of windows for people-watching and sun-warming. Kaffeglasset also serves food, but so far I’ve only come for the coffee and the free access to their nice stack of fashion magazines. (Yes, I said it.) I prefer my shallow, dreams-of-a-fashionable-and-skinnier-me-reading with a single cortado at my hand. How can I have been drinking coffee for almost 15 years and never have known the joys of a cortado?! I had my first one here, and  I think we’re in it for the long haul. With or without the magazines.

Kaffeglasset is located at Osterhaus gate 14, Oslo

*Kaffeglasset is now closed and has become Taco Republica. Dammit, I’ll miss that chandelier and their cortados, but I’m looking forward to seeing how Oslo does Tex-Mex at Taco Republica. I’ll be sure to let you know!


7 thoughts on “DRINK: Kaffeglasset (UPDATE: Now closed as of Spring 2014)

    1. Well, it’s basically just a miniature latte. It’s served in a short glass. It’s a single shot of espresso and about 1/4 cup of steamed (but not frothy) milk. Just right!

  1. i am partial to the caffé macchiato, which is an espresso “stained” (= macchiato) with a dollop of steamed milk. of course, american coffee culture has bastardized this drink into something involving caramel–NOOOO! i tried to order one in an italian-flavored café and the american barista told me that they didn’t have caramel. when i tried to explain that what a REAL macchiato was, i think i got your cortado instead because there was way more milk than i was expecting!

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