SEE: Grønland neighborhood

Grønland is a neighborhood not far from the city center. I hadn’t explored it very much, so I decided to see what it was all about one day last week. It’s the “multicultural melting-pot” of Oslo… (which reminds me so much of my neighborhood in Paris), so I felt quite at home walking past halal meat-markets and shops selling ethnic Indian and African clothing. I walked up on a bakery called Madina Sweets and popped in. (The day I can walk by a bakery/sweet shop is a day I am looking forward to.) The sign out front said “Happy Diwali” so I asked the man behind the counter what that was. He informed me that it was a big Indian celebration and that it would start the following day, November 5th. He made a little assortment of almond and pistachio-based treats for me and away I went, slightly less culturally-ignorant than when I arrived.

Grønland might not be on most tourist maps, but it’s a nice place to wander and experience something different. If you visit Oslo, try to see it before the hipsters move in and send the immigrants out. (said tongue-in-cheek…maybe).  Here are a few pictures from the day.


3 thoughts on “SEE: Grønland neighborhood

  1. this reminds me of a visit to another town near trento where i discovered a display of avocados that made me extraordinarily happy because it meant there was guacamole in my future!

    1. Too true, Susan! Although, avocados are easy to find here…the neighborhood has great spices and more rare fruits (like figs!) that I can’t find at the grocery.

      Well, yes and no Donnell. My waistline would like me to stop. But my tastebuds win every time.

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