A Saturday Walk in the Woods

Saturday brought blue skies and highs in the low 70’s (sorry, Texas, your heat is not yet missed…but could you send over some cilantro?), so the Mr. and I decided to get on the metro and head up to the end of Line 1 which takes you to the tippy top of Oslo and into a forest. The ride up is beautiful on its own, with panoramic views of green valleys and the Oslo fjord in the distance. At the top is a restaurant with a wonderful porch, where you can take in all the beauty with a cool drink and a sandwich. We didn’t go there this time, but I can’t wait to take family and friends up there for an afternoon in the sun some summer (hint, hint.) Across from the restaurant is this group of old houses and huts with grass roofs. You might recognize this shot from a cartwheel I did here two summers ago.


This building is just near the restaurant. I love the Vikingship-like features on the roof.


From here we headed on into the forest for a bit of a hike. Lots of hills, long stretches and little pauses at lakes and a summer café to take it all in.




When we decided to head back, we took a route with a very steep incline, but caught our breaths at the top looking out over the spot we had just been. Further on up is an adventure park where one can zip-line and do obstacle-course like things…but I’m content just to watch and eat a cookie.




Finally, we made it back to the metro and down to the neighborhood. On the walk back, we passed a wedding and this was their getaway vehicle. Isn’t it the best?!


Hooray for sunny Saturdays in Oslo, and here’s to more to come!