EAT: Amerigo Bar & Grill (NOW CLOSED)

UPDATE: As of September 2017, this restaurant is now closed.

Amerigo Bar & Grill has been on my radar since February soon after their January-opening, so I was excited to finally get a chance to visit last week. My fellow-American pal Carolyn agreed to try it with me, so we met up for an early 5 o’clock dinner. Taking up a lovely corner space on Solli Plass in the Frogner neighborhood, the interior and styling of this restaurant is so beautiful, it would be easy to settle in and spend several slow hours in the course of an evening. Billing itself as Pan-American, Amerigo’s food and decor are inspired by “the culinary variations that the elongated continent of America has to offer.”  Walking in to tiled floors, wooden shutters, cozy leather booths, and retro lightbulbs fitted into vintage fans, Carolyn described it best when she said it was like being in Ernest Hemingway’s Havana living room.


While the feel of the place was top-notch, you can’t eat the light fixtures, so how was the food you ask? It was pretty great! I started with their tomato salad, then had the swordfish for my main. The tomato salad was super-fresh and full of flavor. Two different types of tomatoes, goat cheese and ruccola were stacked on a compote, topped with delicious smoky-flavored shavings of shallots. My main course of Grilled Swordfish was interesting and tasty in all the right places. I had never eaten swordfish before, so it was a great experience to have it a place that did it so well. Thick and tender, it was served alongside heavenly blue potatoes, grilled spring onions and fennel, and salsa huancaina (a spicy cheese sauce). Carolyn and I both indulged in the key lime pie for dessert. Tangy and sweet as it should be, it also included a light dusting of matcha powder on top which kind of confused me. I understand the Pan-American reference, but for me it was just an odd flavor with the tang of the pie. I gobbled it all up anyway (a dessert hasn’t gone un-eaten in my presence since, um, ever).

Amerigo scored high on my list of Oslo restaurants that I’ve tried since moving here. The beautiful space combined with friendly service, excellent food and pretty ok prices (if you live in Oslo you know what I mean. If you don’t, it will seem really expensive, but you should go anyway!) make me want to return soon. Whether you’re meeting a friend after work for a drink and some chicharrónes, or looking for a new spot for your date night, give Amerigo a go-go!


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