SAY: “Ha det bra”

“Ha det” means “goodbye.” (Sounds like “ha deh bra”)

Oslo has been surprising and fun and restless and cold (um…12 degrees tonight). I’m sad to go but happy to see family and friends…will put up some last-minute pictures in the next few days.

Thanks for reading and for being part of the adventure! Ha det!


SAY: “Appelsin” and “Eple”

“Appelsin” = “orange” and “eple” = “apple.” (Sounds like “ahpleseen” and “apluh”) Yeah, I know. Totally confusing, right? It’s like staring at your hand and someone keeps calling it your leg. My brain says no, no, no.

*photo courtesy of webtrends blog

SAY: “Ikke prøv å ro deg unna”

This is the idiomatic equivalent of “digging a hole.” It sounds like: “eeka pruv aw ro die oona.” It literally means “Don’t try to row yourself out of it.” Many idiomatic expressions in Norwegian revolve around water words… which gives you a bit of an insight into their culture and mindset.  Now say it 5 times fast!

SAY: “Dagligdags”

Many Norwegian words are fun to say. They cause a native English-speaking mouth to do things it never intended to do. “Dagligdags” means “everyday” and it sounds like “Doglydogs.” See? Isn’t if fun? All together now!